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We believe the best way to experience Rio de Janeiro is by engaging with local communities. Where possible, all our tours include unique hands-on experiences with locals. We will visit neighbourhoods and areas that give you a closer perspective of life in the favela's of Rio.

Explore Rio and positively impact local communities.

The best experience and views in Rio. Alex is so knowledgeable and loves to share the beauty of Rochina. He also sells beautiful artwork he painted. We love it and have it up in our home to remember this amazing place. Highly recommended.

Tori C.

This is the best favela tour in Rio. Alex is amazing. He knows everybody in the favela so you feel completely safe. It's super fun and such a unique experience you'll never foget.

Justus J.

What an amazing experience!! Alex knew everyone there and made me feel like family! Rio’s a magical place and rocinha is the heart of the city. How fun it was to meet locals and experience the culture of the favela. We’ll be back!

Joe C.

It was really fun getting to know the the tour guide. The tour was very insightful and the people were so fun. This is a memory I'll never forget!

Eve C.


Rio favela tours.

Is a favela tour safe?

Completely safe. Alex, the head tour guide, lives in the favela and knows everyone along the path you’ll walk along.

How do I pay for the favela tour?

You’ll pay once you meet Alex at the beginning of the tour.

Will we be picked up or do we meet you?

Once booked, you will coordinate with Alex. He can pick you up at your hotel, arrange for a ride at your expense, or meet you at a designated location in the city. Alex is flexible based upon your travel schedule.

What do I need to bring on a favela tour?

You’ll need to bring money to pay for the tour before it begins. Bring your phone or camera to capture all the amazing sights and views along the way. It would be good to bring a drink depending upon the season and time of day you go. At the end of the tour there are typically local vendors where you can find and purchase unique souvenirs.